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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Irrfan Khan peddle their distinct wares, it is like watching two different films at the same time. One features an overcharged female lead who stretches every sinew, flashes bloodshot eyes, flails her arms, and raises her voice at the slightest provocation….The portions of Jazbaa that are designed for Aishwarya border on the overly zestful and melodramatic. These stretches of the film will of course work for some sections of the audience. Passages of a far less demonstrative kind are delivered by Irrfan. He resorts to measured moves in playing a much-decorated but suspended Mumbai policeman.” More


Jazbaa, written and directed by Sanjay Gupta, wants to be many things at once. First and foremost, it’s intended as a comeback vehicle for Aishwarya Rai who hasn’t made a movie in five years. It’s also – as we’ve been constantly reminded – Gupta’s first ‘legitimate’ remake of a foreign film (the Korean thriller, Seven Days); yup, we’re told he actually acquired remake rights for a change. Curiously, Jazbaa also positions itself as an anti-rape, woman-empowerment message movie, even if this angle does come across as an afterthought. More

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“One aspect that works in favor of the film is its run-time. In two hours, Jazbaa does raise some pertinent questions about the way justice is (un)delivered in the country. The music doesn’t bother. The ghazal Jaane Tere Shehar Ka stands out among the rest. In all, Jazbaa is not quite the re-entry to Bollywood Aishwarya’s fans had been expecting. But she does do a largely good job of nailing her mother-in-distress act… when not screaming her lungs out or weeping her eyes out, that is. Watch Jazbaa for the performances.” More


Director Sanjay Gupta has managed to give an entertaining, gripping thriller to watch this weekend, with the stunning world beauty leading the story. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is made to seem like the star of the movie, while she has given her best and performed really well, barring some overacting scenes, she gets overtaken by others. Irrfan Khan stands out as the uber cool cop and his camaraderie with hyper active Aish is quite commendable. Sanjay could have spared us the over exaggerated melodrama but at the end of the day, Jazbaa is a great weekend watch and entertaining movie that you will enjoy watching! More